Since the Semester 2014/15 we cannot accept any new applications or enrolement. We are very sorry.

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Akademie c/o

Architecture and Urban Research Master Program (Master of Arts)

Academy of Fine Arts Nuremburg


The master program Akademie c/o

researches patterns, methods and conditions of architectural production. “Architecture” is neither understood as an addition of walls, columns and windows, nor as an optimization of procedures for aesthetic, economic or constructive demands, but rather as “the ordering of social relations through built structures.” (Christian Posthofen) Architecture is a question of use, of not-building, why building or building for whom.

The master program understands itself as a place for a continuous review of existing models of thought: Instead of teaching architectural conventions or technical skills, the program aims at questioning, revising, adjusting or confirming them. The objective of research-based studies is not the invention of a new kind of architecture, but an actualized efficacy of design concepts.


The Akademie c/o master program is participant-orientated

with a flexible time-schedule. The participants focus on an individual subject, which is developed step by step, deepened in a written thesis and finally elaborated in a master project. The subjects as well as the form of realization can be chosen according to the participants own research interest. The program can be completed either in minimum two (full time) or maximum four years (part time). The program can be joined in the winter as well as in the summer semester. (The admission deadline however is only once a year, mid-May)


The Akademie c/o master program is spacially active.

Each Semester is structured with 4-5 seminar blocks of, each 8-14 days. The locations (c/o) of the seminars change according to the requirements of the program, linking as closely as possible to the seminars content. Participation in the seminars is compulsory; the participants however are free to choose their place of residence.

The program is insofar directed towards participants looking for an opportunity to advance their practical-academic qualifications, without having to give up established working- and living environments.


The Akademie c/o master program is discoursive

The program understands itself as an active participant and initiator of contemporary discourses. The concept of a spatially active academy addresses questions with concrete spatial situations but also allows for intensive co-operation and discussion between different initiatives, universities and other kinds of institutions. The integration of changing guest-professorships, a flexible modeling of seminars, lectures and other teaching assignments creates a proactive initiative.


Concept: Arno Brandlhuber and Silvan Linden, 2010


A general knowledge of German Language is compulsory for joining the program.



Prof. Arno Brandlhuber | Architektur und Stadtforschung (a42)

Pavillon 24 | | T +49.911.9404-0 |


Admission Citeria/Dates:


The application needs to contain the following documents:


- A formal letter of application stating the for which program the application is filed (Architektur und stadtforschung)

- C.V. with complete information on previous education

- passport photo of recent date

- Portfolio (Format max. A3, German or Englisch, no slides, CD´s oder other digital media (The portfolio can only be returned if a post-paid enveloped has been sent along the portfolio.)

- a letter of motivation, in which the participants describes his or her motivation in joining the program. (Maximum length: 500 words)

- Signed declaration that the works were solely made by the applicant personally.

- university certificate, which proves that the applicant holds at least a bachelor's or higher degree in an architecture/fine arts/design or social- or natural sciences course.


For foreign applicants the application additionally needs to contain:


- proof of sufficiant knowledge of German language

- Recognition of the higher education certificate by the Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle Bayern, ( Bavarian body, that recognises foreign education cerificates)

Pündterplatz 5, 80803 München, Tel. +49.89.383849-0,




Applicants, selected on the base of the handed in portfolios will be invited to an admission examination. The examination is divided into an oral and a written part.


Study fees 300.-€/Sem. (full time); 150.-€/Sem. (part time)


If you have formal questions regarding admission and eligebility to the course, please contact the students secretariat of the academy:


If you have questions concerning content and structure of the course you can contact the chir directly:


Homepage of the AdBK Nürnberg:


Postal address of the academy:

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